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How to save tea

The ancients have clouds - tea five bogey

Avoid light - tea is strictly forbidden to touch light during storage
Avoid water - dry tea is strictly prohibited where humidity is too high
Avoid high temperature - high temperature makes the tea change and affect the taste
Avoid long-lasting dew - long exposure in the air will change with oxygen
Avoid odor - dry tea leaves tend to make odors on the surface

Common preservation method

Clay pots (unglazed) - The change of tea is regulated by the breathing of the clay pot, but it is necessary to pay attention to the environment where the humidity is above 50%, that is, the high temperature exposure.

The tin can-tin can has the best anti-aging effect, blocking high temperature and exposure.

Sealing - Most of the tea at room temperature needs to be isolated from the air at room temperature. After the tea is bought, the tin bag or plastic bag can be squeezed out and tied tightly and placed in a cool and shaded area. odorless.

The main point of refrigerating-refrigerating is to make the tea more fresh. After a long time, it is closer to the original taste. It can be placed close to the frozen position. The effect is better at about 5 degrees west, but after the tea is taken out, remember to warm it back and then open the tea package to prevent ice air. Condensation into water vapor destroys the original taste of the tea.

Different kinds of tea varieties are differently refined 
and have different storage methods!

The green tea-green tea leaves are most prone to deterioration, so they need to be packaged and refrigerated, but they are not suitable for long-term release! It is best to drink it within two months after opening.

Black tea - it is suitable to be placed in a cool place after being placed in a normal temperature and placed in a clay pot or tin can.

Pu'er Tea Old Tea - If you put it in a breathing hole in a pot or a purple sand pot, you can adjust the air to dissolve the odor in the tea to make the tea more delicious.

Try the general family preservation method

1. Extrusion of air first

2. Fold the excess aluminum bag and get it properly. You can't cut too much!

3. Use clips, or rubber bands

4. Place it in the container