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Tea production process

Eight steps in the oolong tea production process
After the tea is collected from the tea tree, there are a total of eight oolong tea production processes, which are all steps to determine whether the tea is good or bad. Making a good tea oolong tea requires the process to be correct. The following is a simple illustration and textual description of the tea production process:

1. Picking green: the first step in tea making, the new long buds or leaves on the tea tree are divided into hand-cutting machines and machine shears.

2. Withering: Put the collected tea leaves outside, use the sunlight to make the tea disappear a part of the water

3. Langqing: The tea leaves are placed indoors, and the standing and stirring are carried out to make the leaf edge cells break, which is beneficial to the fermentation.

4. Fermentation: let the tea green contact with air for several hours, and contact with air for oxidation.

5. Killing: use high temperature to stop the fermentation of tea, and divide it with green and steamed

6.twisting:Wrap the tea in a cloth and put it into the machine.
The scorned tea is stripped
The tea after the lieutenant is hemispherical
After the heavy tea becomes a global

7. Drying: use a dryer to remove the remaining water and dry the untreated tea leaves, called Maocha

8. Baking: In the final stage of making tea, the dried tea is dried again, which leads to the aroma of the tea, and at the same time, it is more sweet. The baking is divided into electric baking and charcoal baking.